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Yuvraj Singh’s Goan Pad

Yuvraj Singh’s charming house offers a picturesque view atop a hill in Morjim, Goa overlooking serene, lush green surroundings. The house is located next to the junction point of the Arabian Sea and the Chapora River.

The site has spectacular panoramic views with water coursing nearby and Goan villages below surrounded by greenery.

White and blue color palette for the exterior is inspired by Santorini. Open space on the lower level has a swimming pool at one corner having a swim-up bar.

The interiors feature minimally furnished spaces decorated in neutral base colours highlighted with dashes of blue and yellow. Highlight of the subtle space is light-toned furniture and pendant lights, balancing feature being the solid coloured floral printed furnishings.

Based on open plans the living room and the dining area are connecting with one leading to the other. The kitchen across the living room is kind of hidden behind the double doors.

The airy bedrooms allow in an easy flow natural light and breeze. The bedrooms on the upper level have large balconies having seating arrangement by the windows.



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