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‘Virtual vacation spot’ – Balcony Garden

Sharing the beautiful ideas of Balcony Garden at Home.

WHO LOVES TO BE OUTSIDE – Use of wooden canopy, granite, colourful cushions, candle holders, bamboo tables, geometrically placed plant and spread of grass.

BREAKFAST LOVERS – Use of modern fairy lights under the umbrella, the patterned carpet, blue seat cushions and minimal metallic setting.

THE ETHNIC ART LOVER – Wood as main accent, floor tiles, wall hangings, a pop of colour through the pink cushion and neon green pot.

A HOLIDAY GETAWAY RIGHT AT HOME – Use of spacious area, the couch, the additional dining section, wooden flooring, hanging plants and fireflies lamps.

THE VIRTUAL VACATIONERS – Use of a deck to relax, play of black, white and grey, chequered rugs to add texture, creepers, potted plants.

THOSE WHO LIKE IT COSY & CHIC – Use of half round table, the walls, floor, racks all in hues of grey or white, paper lanterns, cushions and candle stands.

A JUNGLE ABODE – Use of the bamboos painted in white as a roof and wall, bohemian décor, lots of tall plants.

THE PASSIONATE GARDENER – Use of the set of black rocking chairs and table plants, variety of flowers, and creepers.


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