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Using your Balcony Space

The balcony can act as an extension of the indoor space. Same flooring material can be used for both the spaces. Sliding or folding doors with glass panels can help create a connect between the two spaces. Have weather-resistant furniture and add tall plants or screens for privacy.

The balcony can be used for a children’s play area by using proper safety measures. If there is less space inside, then use your balcony as an outdoor laundry area, if possible. It can also be used as your own personal gymnasium or meditation area. A spacious balcony can be used for creating a home bar or party area.

Select a nice colour scheme for the balcony walls, flooring and furniture. Use anti-skid tiles or you can also try artificial grass to create the look of a lawn. Rugs, planters garden accessories, lights, fixtures, outdoor lanterns can add life to the area.

Create a comfortable seating using lounge chairs, sofas etc. depending upon the area available.

One can use wall planters, hanging planters to enhance the area.


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