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Unique Pooja Room Designs

Sharing the integral part of most Indian homes in the country, and even overseas, the pooja room serves as a space to provide solace, comfort, faith and tranquility for the members of its house and even visiting guests.

  1. PLAY WITH LIGHTING IN YOUR POOJA ROOM:-Your pooja room design can work with lighting to provide a mood in the space or create a spotlight on the focal point in the room—the idol or figure of worship.
  1. A POOJA ROOM DESIGN FOR THE MAXIMALIST’S HOME:-You can create a space that’s conducive to worship while echoing your sense of style. A grand tiered wooden ceiling, larger-than-life décor elements with gold accents, sleek marble floors, clear glass walls, and large plush seating consoles can work wonders.
  1. A PRIVATE POOJA ROOM FOR A SMALL SPACE HOME:-While for some homes, a pooja room design is integrated into the rest of the space and can also serve as its focal point, for others, this serves as a place for privacy.
  1. A HOME WITHOUT A SPACE FOR THE POOJA ROOM:-If your home doesn’t allow for a designated area for a pooja-room then with framed images of religious symbols or elements of nature, your favorite idols placed on a side table, you can work in pieces of worship or faith into your home’s décor.
  1. A FUSS-FREE POOJA ROOM DESIGN FOR MINIMALISTS:-If you want your pooja room to serve its purpose without any distractions, consider a simple, serene space with minimal, fuss-free décor.
  1. INCORPORATING ART INTO YOUR POOJA ROOM DESIGN:-You could add framed photos of this idea to a spot in your home which allows for tranquility or meditation, or commissions a large photograph or painting of it to display across a wall.
  1. A POOJA ROOM DESIGN WITH PLANTS:-Placing and tending to small plants in the home mandir can serve as a fresher alternative, while also adding an element of nature and the outdoors to space.
  1. A POOJA ROOM DESIGN THAT TIES THE ENTIRE HOME TOGETHER:-Your pooja room design can also serve as the focal point of the entire home that allows for worship while also lending it’s quietude and tranquility to the rest of the home.
  1. CREATE A POOJA ROOM IN THE LIVING ROOM:-If your pooja room design is to be incorporated within the living room, but you’d like to add an element of privacy to it, incorporate a room divider to cordon off the space.
  1. MARBLE AND GLASS WORK TOGETHER FOR A TRANQUIL POOJA ROOM:-Marble paired with glass—either clear or frosted—you can add even more natural light to space, making it bright and welcoming, while also being calm and serene.                              Source:-

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