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The recently-opened restaurant Sequel – a futuristic vision of home-grown design

Sharing the Famous architect Ashiesh Shah talks about his newly designed farm-to-table, vegan-friendly bistro “Sequel”: an expansive fine-dining rendition at BKC. He says, “We wanted to stay true to the philosophy of the restaurant: futuristic in form and earthy at its core.” Combining Shah’s signature wabi-sabi aesthetic with the brand’s own earthy, organic values, Sequel BKC is a seamless blend of lines, raw tones, and casual luxury.

Ode to Crafts:-“We wanted to stay true to the philosophy of the restaurant: futuristic in form and earthy at its core,” explains Shah. “We wanted soft edges and organic natural forms to marry custom-crafted design objects.”

Monotone textured walls, alabaster pendants and channapatna beads from Karnataka are Sequel staples.

Textural Details:-The location caters to various dining options—each of these services is offered in a distinct portion of the space. The formal dining room is clad in a warm honey oakwood veneer which extends out onto the gridded façade.

Custom-crafted fabric-clad curved sofas and rounded dining chairs and elliptical arched tables complement the organic contours —and perfectly offset the bronze bar, which brings a touch of glamour to space.

Natural Elements:-A central partition divides the dining room from the casual café, where oyster lights with pearl-like alabaster globes continue the theme of organic forms, and gently counter the cane chairs and upholstered benches. Terracotta brick floors extend across the restaurant, underlining the futuristic forms with a raw, earthy texture.

Pandemic-Ready:-Sequel BKC sets the tone for socially-distanced dining. “While space was planned and started before the pandemic, our flexibility in layout allows for social distancing,” says Shah. “Our circulation patterns allow for flexible one-way movement.

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