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The Perfect Wall Décor

Sharing the when styling a home do not restrict yourself to one rule. Explore and finalize what is eye catching, and at the same time defines your lifestyle and your personality.

The walls of a room take up a lot of space and can be defined in a way that they give your room a defined look. Let us help you recreate or makeover the walls of your room.

One way to give life to walls is moulding – a decor idea that has evolved over the years and has elegant. Decorative panels made usually from wood, plaster of Paris, gypsum or other prefabricated materials give a new lease of life to the walls.

You can try using prints with brilliant colours, intricate patterns; fine detailing and unique textures or a combination of geometric lines paired or contrast of two patterns, textures or geometric prints.

You can also try colour blocking your walls with solid paint colours to add a change to your space.

ou should have clean walls if you like to have regular changes so that it is easy to coordinate walls with furniture, fixtures and other objects used for decoration.

Using fabric for wall decor can be a brilliant idea if used wisely and aesthetically.

Intricate prints can be used on walls using wallpaper or decal that will complement the upholstery on your furniture.


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