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Teatro – an innovative experiential studio cum store in Kolkata

Teatro Scarlet – an innovative experiential studio cum store in Kolkata launched under the banner of Scarlet Splendour, by interior designers Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia.

Brand Scarlet Splendour is renowned for the unique combination of Indian and European sensibilities, highlighting futuristic decor that is equally functional and fantastical. Brand is luxurious, stylish and elegant with a contemporary, fun, sometimes pop aesthetic clearly mirrored in the vibrant palette.

The Studio

The 1,500sqft studio Teatro Scarlet is a dramatic space having diverse handcrafted furniture and design pieces from various global designers. Lighting, props and colourful backdrops are intelligently placed for a superior play of light and shadow. The various collections with influences from all over the globe are crafted to add a quirky yet luxurious edge to your home.

The visitors are allowed to touch, feel and experience the grandeur of the gallery.


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