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Student Life

At INIFD, we encourage you to learn within and beyond the curriculum. With students from various cultural, educational and professional backgrounds, the diversity of the INIFD campus creates a rich and stimulating learning environment. 

As much as we focus on training individuals to be professionals who are experts in the field of design, we also focus equally on creating an inclusive and collaborative environment. The people at INIFD - your mentors, peers, industry professionals, visiting artists, designers and scholars will all encourage you to be curious, fearless, take leadership, try new ideas and break your own boundaries by providing a supportive and nurturing environment. 

With a wide range of student activities and an exceptional education we encourage our students to make the most out of the extraordinary opportunities that we provide. At the end of their course at INIFD, we want our students to be passionate, confident and creative professionals ready to take on the world.

The INIFD Academy of Interiors teaches you everything that you need to  start your career as a professional interior designer.


The opportunities are endless. Depending on your interest, you can work  as an interior designer, a furniture designer, space planner, decorating consultant, project designer, kitchen and bath designer and several others.

Here are some companies that have hired our students

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