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Sonakshi Sinha’s Abode – A Walk through

Bollywood actress and singer Sonakshi Sinha’s home with its muted palettes, playful pops of textiles, and bamboo shutters paint quite the pretty picture. 
The living room spotlights her love for soothing pastels. The snug and soothing living room is a millennial-approved haven featuring pastel blue sofas topped off with powder pink cushions. A highlight of the living room is its sliding glass door, which comes with bright pink and yellow stained glass panels.
Patterned walls and ceilings, along with rattan pendant lights and railings, add texture to the space. The entire wall with the floor-to-ceiling windows takes over an entire wall and comes with sheer, pristine white curtains.
Romantic elements like an antique-style bust, vases of fresh flowers, pastel side tables, and white lace throws add a quaint, European touch to the room.
The unexpected pop of colour here and there adds a little bit of zing to the very Mediterranean and white space.  Statement paintings, including a pop art-inspired portrait of a woman and another large, abstract work further liven up the space.
Pantry comes with a neon light that every Toy Story fan will love. A perfect blend of romantic elements and edgy accents, the kitchen area comes with a surprise element: a red neon light.
A quirky little spot, the bar area, an unconventional corner champions a built-in wall console alongside two black high chairs. The arched window and stools give the corner a retro-inspired finish, which the multicolored glass doors complement perfectly.
The bedroom features a special corner for her favorite memories having a slightly darker palette, with deep lavender curtains and a swing-style chair with maroon cushions. A dramatic wall behind her white rattan bed brings together panels of dark and light wood, broken only by a watercolor-effect blue section.
The cosy nook is perfect for quiet afternoons with a good book; this much-loved corner comes with a sorbet pink wall and a furry powder blue rug. The palette extends to the furniture, with the same combination appearing on her comfy armchair, finished with a lace throw. A minimalistic wooden side table completes the space along with a little corner shelf holding trinkets. 


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