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Make walls go from Plain to Decorative

Sharing the ideas to decorate empty walls – make a statement with your creative thoughts.

  • Thematic walls makes a space look attractive, organized, and well-thought-out.
  • Ledge display makes it easier to rearrange the display with a variety of articles including frames, artifacts, decorative accessories, mirrors etc.
  • Innovative gallery walls can be a mix of media like photos, art, decorative objects, souvenir and frames of different shapes.
  • Wallpaper or murals add character to blank walls with unique look.
  • Mirrors makes spaces look bigger – a collection of reflective surfaces create an interactive illusion.
  • Wall plates like of Ceramic is a trendy option in a kitchen or a dining space.
  • Tapestry like rugs or embroidered scarves as wall décor adds warmth and character to rooms.
  • Statement piece like old doors, window frames, antiques adds the most amount of drama to your décor.

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