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Kitchen renovations – upgrade in small updates

Sharing the interesting pictures of kitchen renovations in which Small updates like painting the cabinets, new light fixtures, or modern shelving additions can make a huge difference in kitchen’s look and feel.

Some small updates are:-

New flooring & cabinetry makes the biggest difference to make the kitchen feel fresh

Small changes like cabinet door, new light fixtures and open shelving gives the space a refresh

A black-and-white color scheme can look really different giving the space a clean look

A coat of paint on the cabinets instantly brightens the space

The best way to make the space bigger is free shelving and removing bulky items

Adding creative colors like light-green cabinets, a pastel, new light fixtures makes a kitchen feel more special

Get creative with patterns, the chandeliers, removing cabinets, and use of texture in the space to make it dynamic

Create a cohesive look for the whole space with a neutral, gray color scheme, for a sleek and modern look

Investing in big items set the tone for the kitchen


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