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Kitchen Arch Designs

Sharing the kitchen arch is a prominent architectural detail that elevates the space giving your kitchen a whole new look. It can serve both structural and aesthetical purposes and at the same time the practical purpose of connecting rooms in a charming and distinctive way.

The look of a plain space can be changed aesthetically by adding a subtle punch and uniqueness by the means of an arched passageway with smooth and clean edges without adding any extra frills, intricacies, or detailing.

A small arch opening in the kitchen wall adjoining the dining room creates openness.

A kitchen arch can be used to conceal an exposed beam with wood, plaster, or any textural detail to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

If you plan to remove the door from your kitchen entry, you can decorate the frame of the door with an arch added with simple details like skirting or moldings.

An archway can be used to flaunt the entrance of your kitchen, with or without a door.

Apart from using the kitchen arch as a frame, it can also help to create sections within the space.

Style up your kitchen arch with geometric details and mix up with the details of other rooms keeping neutral colors for your kitchen to highlight the details.


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