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Inspiring Oberoi Group’s new office in Gurugram

Sharing the impressive office pictures of new office of Oberoi Group in Gurugram’ commercial hub – a workplace that spawns collaboration and connectedness, designed by Principal Architect, Architecture Discipline Akshat Bhatt.

Stated as a testament on ‘how design can be used to break down hierarchies and create positive environment’ at workplace. Spreads over 7 floors and 10,000 sq. ft, light and space is strategically manipulated to mimic an oasis of nature that is calm and relaxing. 16 ft high ceilings keep the atmosphere airy, uplifted & motivated. External glass facade allows a 360 degree view of the city.

An eight-metre long aluminum wing from the aircraft stands a proud centre-piece. From glass panels and blinds modulating environmental heat gain to charcoal-coated wood fibre controlling the acoustics, optimised to combat wasteful consumption. Many selectively exposed elements of the building are wired to the tune of an eco-conscious lifespan.


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