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Formula One” inheritress Petra Ecclestone’s expansive London estate

Sharing the late 18th-century Georgian, magnificent and historic, red brick Sloane House with a neighboring lodge and extensive garden areas has been transformed into a modernistic three storied home teeming with amenities.

The hallway in the main home is decorated with a spectacular custom crystal light fixture, a sofa inspired by the black panther, and lots of incredible modern art.

Basement of the home is a fitness area that includes a gym, an enormous indoor pool, a squash court, and a two-story kid’s playhouse, highlight of the area added being the hammam—or traditional Turkish bath.

The ground floor kitchen opens to the garden, lets in lots of natural lights and has a very large residential aquarium.

A staircase in the lodge, with steps made up of glass with shafted crystal inside leads toward the dining room.

Larger guest suite has a dark tones bathroom equipped with radiant floor heating.

An adjacent house connects to the main house and the property has an unusual and impressive amount of street-buffering space for both parking and security.


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