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Design Interiors with layering print, pattern and colour

Sharing the playful designs created through a mix of colours, textures and prints. The knowledge & awareness of scale and size of lighting and visual texture is essential.

Suggested Design ideas:

  • Patterns in monochromatic spaces like large geometric pattern on the flooring with a wall painted in a monochromatic mural
  • Pattern in colourful spaces and picture a vertical element that gives a cheerful vibe.
  • Using one bold element like a geometric rug or flooring
  • Combining two bold patterns like a contemporary cubist style for the flooring layered with a hand-knotted geometric rug with larger forms
  • Solid spaces & natural materials with subtle patterns and natural variation within the material help elevate the feel of the space
  • Hexagonal bathroom wall tiles with a subtle marble like texture to it to form a mix pattern
  • Monochromatic checkered print upholstered bed with a bright coloured corner stitch detail, along with a large geometric pattern rug
  • Creating patterns with a play of light and shadow through screens and grills
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