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Curtain ideas for White Living Room

Sharing the Classic White for living room can be far from being boring if used with style. It is essentially a very versatile and a flexible colour. It can be easily used for both, complementing and contrasting decor schemes. An elegant pair of curtains can be used to make a powerful statement and transform the look of your living room.

BEIGE:-Beige is the way to go for a sophisticated look adding a bit of zing, without over powering the overall decor.

SHADES OF GREY:-Use of Grey and White lends your living room a contemporary decor style adding a sleek and modern vibe to the white living room.

EAL DRAPES:-Teal colour is the perfect solution to your white living room if you plan to bring nature inside. They will complement to the houseplants that you have, if any, in your living room.

A BIT OF STONE MAUVE:-Stone mauve curtains give subtle warmth to the very elegant white living room maintaining the colour balance without giving a dull look.

ALL SHEER LONG:-Sheer curtains give a kind of refreshing look and can be easily paired with darker colours and also keep the sunlight at bay.

BLUE-MING ELEGANCE:-Use a pop of blue to add colour for relaxing and calming effect.

ROSE:-Rose/Pink adds a touch of luxury to your white living room radiating romance, playfulness, warmth, and peace.

YELLOW:-Selecting the right kind of yellow for your white living room can be challenging but will definitely add sunshine to your room.

ALL-WHITE:-All white is also perfect for your living room if you are not in a mood to experiment with colours.


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