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“A Perfect Dream Wedding” – INIFD Chandigarh presents the INIFD Annual Exhibition

In its tradition of showcasing creativity, talent and diligence, INIFD  presents yet another journey into Design styles at their The INIFD Interiors’ Annual Exhibition 2018 – “A Perfect Dream Wedding”

Wedding Concepts and Wedding Set Designing has taken a huge leap in its potential for both employment and design expression.  Wedding  today is not only a new beginning of a couple’s life, it is  also a definitive family celebration wrapped up in a luxury experience for one and all.

Exclusive picturesque settings, Elaborate Destination Weddings and bespoke details for the celebrations is the need of the hour. In the light of the above, this year the Budding designers  of INIFD Academy of Interiors have created unique Wedding Sets and Destination Weddings, all under one roof.

As the Guests step into this dramatic extravaganza, they will experience pure sophistication & classic romance, in unique locations ranging from Cave weddings to Country –Chic Photo opps , from Vintage and antique touches  to English Cocktails evening,  from vibrant Indian Mehendi to über-contemporary Reception..

The designer destination wedding, suitable for the world’s stage is aptly styled with hand crafted suspended florals , mesmerizing  backdrops,  incredible fine dining and glittering lighting effects , topped up with perfectly planned modern luxury décor details ,  sure to give the wedding guests an experience of a lifetime .

Get ready to witness the  exciting world of opulence  and drama as each setup unfolds its charm through stunning wedding décor, making it a unique and spectacular affair !!

The areas for wedding concepts are as under :

ENCHANTED FOREST  The Rustic Entrance

The concept of a forest wedding takes all of us to a world of enchanted settings, mystique and fairy tale feelings. The rustic ambience  filled with beautiful elements of nature – huge dose of flowers, creepers , handcrafted glass lanterns  further makes these weddings adorable and impressive!

Imagine a stunning forest ceremony with a dark tunnel full of dense creepers with wild roses and flowers! It is a beautiful attempt to create a relaxed and mysterious atmosphere by creating a typical forest look with the help of flowers , reeds, creepers , handmade by students using paper art and origami

The use of lanterns, candles, lights made from natural elements and rice lights helps illuminate the area in a romantic and elegant way.

 VAULTED BONDS  The Cave Wedding

Would you think of getting married in a cave? If your first response is one of bewilderment, think  again!

A backdrop of the serenity of the beach peeping through a cave and the couple fulfilling the wedding rituals in front of it – something that can be termed as ‘A dream come true.’

In the cave wedding , we bring to you a beautiful evening against the  beautiful self created background of limestone caves that act as a natural background for a blissful wedding.  The jagged rock backdrop with the magical and stunning elements from nature gives this a rustic, simple and natural feel, imparting the most spectacular setup for a romantic wedding.

Using thermocol, candles, creepers, paper art, flowers, and several delicate elements the students of INIFD have tried to create a walkthrough of a cave set for a blissful happy wedding ceremony     

JUST AMORE  The Engagement

Fairytales are found in books and Dreams get their origin in books , that’s where we went seeking our inspiration from. As you enter through the  special setting through a book , it will lead you to an exciting backdrop of wooden paneling adorned with handcrafted flowers . The huge life-size clock represents the beginning of a beautiful time of the newly engaged couple . These moments of togetherness and union are full of tenderness, compassion and a unique bond that we felt was best reflected through ‘nature’. The vertical garden  brings the entire family together for this beautiful ritual against a running scroll that  has Wedding Vows under the caption “I DO”.

Come on in !! Savour these moments and relish the bonding!!


The grandeur of the Reception area has been done in a unique manner.  A bright tunnel of  fuschia pink ribbon and crystals leads us to a grand reception setting .  The golden walls with mesmerizing light effects in paper pyramids, hand crafted with origami paper art lends a magical light effect to the entire area. The grand canopy and the exclusive table settings lends it classy and elegant look.

THE STARLIGHT   The glamorous Cocktail Evening

What’s a British wedding without the cocktail hour and fine dining?

Here’s bringing you the look of reality as an attendee of a British Wedding! We have emphasised on giving each corner of the area a different and creative ideation.

The centre of the room presents the fine dining part of the evening with the help of a luxurious and sumptuous table setting using fine crockery, wine glasses, flower vases, etc.

The live music against golden backdrop, made with handcrafted golden strings  adds glamour to the cocktail evening  . The English wall paper with wainscot adorns the entire hall. The feeling of the luxurious, elegant evening gets further enhanced with intricate design of the ceiling, created with handmade strings and flower bouquets adorned with warm rice lights ..

 In total, an evening of elegance, class and poise for you!

“KALEERIEN”  The Mehendi Ceremony

Continuing the vibrancy of Indian Traditional Weddings , a stylish yet traditional setup is designed portraying all the style, traditions, grandeur and opulence of Indian Weddings. It is believed that the henna on the hands of the groom and the bride signifies the joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offerings. The beautiful hand painted and textured wall is the highlight of this area against which a beautiful tree is installed that represents a vehda or a courtyard in which the auspicious rituals are being conducted.

The handcrafted golden gota flowers, tassels and terracotta bells give a traditional yet stylish look while an installation of  multiple handcrafted golden origami lotus in various sizes lends an exquisite look to the other wall ..  

The entry created with a grid of bright couloured glass bangles, “neembu-mirchi” and Kaleerein truly justifies the  exciting experience of a pre-wedding function – the Mehendi @ “Kaleerein”

“SAY CHEESE”  The Wedding Photobooth “

With photography taking the mainstage at any wedding function, a well designed wedding photobooth is surely a value addition to the wedding function as it helps to create beautiful memories that the couple can cherish for their lifetime .

The Interior Design Students present a Country Side Photo opp that oozes Rustic charm and vintage feel. A Free  style area with an eclectic look that emphasizes on nature is sure to charm you with its large raw wooden window frames that bring the outdoors in , giving this place an informal elegance.  

Touches of nature, in all its raw appeal, roughness of wood, Wooden Barrels, Glass jars with greens, distressed look walls, vintage Telephone Booth and wooden partitions, all impart the necessary ingredients to make it more and more Country Side.

A ceiling made of exposed wooden beams, with delicate lantern lights hanging from them make you feel like you are passing through a shaded area of tree branches.

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