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Back to School- World’s most Beautiful Kindergarten

Sharing the stunning, 137,000-square-foot kindergarten in China, invites students to grasp the limitlessness of the universe in a dreamy lobby with a snow-white palette and reflective white terrazzo floor and undulating white staircase with indigo stairs is reminiscent of cloud movements, six large spherical light fixtures above emulate stars in a white sky. 

The colour scheme has a harmony of cool and warm tones for soothing effect.

The kindergarten has 28 rooms and each classroom serves as a mini science centre, cultural space, and art gallery, to inspire children to learn about different disciplines and to prompt students to be creative, explore, think independently and to encourage a sense of freedom.

The large auditorium has pastel purple, pink, and yellow chairs lined up like macaroons.

The stunning indoor swimming pool has surging ceiling above with soft lights help protect children’s eyesight, but also strengthens the atmosphere.

Large windows are placed strategically around the pool, so viewers can see into the luxurious swimming pool from the hallways of this ethereal learning space.


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