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An all-glass office in Surat that has a vacation home vibe

Sharing this glass office is a meticulously planned exercise in exploring the advantages of transparency. The constant play of light and shadow makes the office dynamic throughout the day and late evening.

A home in a glass box is not psychologically comfortable. People are likely to install curtains and never open most of them. In this project, the concept works because the space is an office. All the boxes are certainly ticked—a walk through greenery from the main gate to the built structure, the extensive exercise in transparency, the display of art and sculpture, a washroom with curved walls, and the “wallpaper” of landscaping.

Material Palette

The parsimonious palette consists of raw black concrete flooring throughout, a white ceiling, and slim steel columns in the working space, with a concrete, finished ceiling in the veranda.


Dubbed “Amoeba” because of the free-flowing organic shape of the massive roof, the structure is made up of four discrete glass boxes, connected through a central open-to-sky courtyard. All the spaces are simultaneously visible while roller blinds provide visual privacy if needed occasionally.


Parking is provided near a large wooden gate. The rest of the approach is a walk towards the office over large concrete finished pathways and steps. Borders of plants and a series of metal sculptures flank the pathway. A counter in the veranda serves as a reception, a large triangular metal sculpture casting shadows on the floor through the day. While the concrete on the floor remains constant, its finish changes from the matte of the pathway, to a glossy look for the interior.

The Cabins

The larger cabin adjacent to the reception has a restroom enclosed in a curved brick wall in white. In consonance with the imagery, there is a curved amoeba-shaped glass table with wooden legs and a sofa and chairs for visitors, all the furniture is made by local carpenters.

Ventilation is available when needed through the doors and openable windows. Air conditioners are installed in the ceiling, the slim metal columns which support the roof acting as conduits for wiring.

Staff Area

A glass room just behind the reception, its location enables a direct view of the entry walkway, so the staff team is alerted in advance of the approach of visitors. A simple workstation with natural wood finish furniture comprises the facilities.


The large semi-open space which connects all the working spaces is a unique part of the space. The central courtyard is planted with palms and metal sculptures imparting the ambience of an art gallery.

The constant play of light and shadow makes these spaces dynamic throughout the day and late evening. As the sun marks its trajectory, there is a new experience in every area, assisted by the central courtyard. The experience of nature and the dynamics of light comes full circle with the start of every new day.


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