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Adorn your Walls

Sharing the change the look of the plain & boring walls of your house dramatically by using paintings, wall hangings, lights, wall plates and many other stylish wall accents. 

Classic painting always enhances the look of any kind of wall. It can be a single painting of a cluster of paintings, portraits and frames.

Walls can be dramatic as well as unusual at the same time if you can dare to go bold with the interiors of your house.

Bright colour walls can be further accentuated by the use of raw material frames adding to the texture.

Another thing that you can try on your walls is the metallic wall-mounted installation.

Search for some classic artworks or installations for a different look.

Mirrors add a sense of space and glamour to any wall.

Wall sculptures are another option to grace to look of your walls.
Use gold on walls to add an ornamental look to your room.

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