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7 ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Colours

Sharing the information on how to Spice up the decor of your kitchen with a tasteful mix of two or more hues in the cabinetry supported with beautiful pictures for the reference.The kitchen cabinets determine the overall look and feel of the space because these storage units cover maximum wall space. Here are some winning ways to introduce colour into the kitchen cabinets and make the space come alive.

Go for a Two-Toned Look

  • Go for two-toned look with a dark colour for the base cabinets and a lighter shade for the overhead cabinets

Mix-and-Match Colours

  • Use Contrasting colours – Combine two or more colours in the right proportion
  •        Get creative by taking the drawers and cabinets in different colours

Use Contrast Colours for the Open Shelves

  • Consider a neutral colour like white, beige, off-white or grey
  • Use a contrast colour for the backing of the open shelves.
  • Add a punch of colour and pattern

Use Contrasting Textures

  • Strategically place bold textural accents in contrasting colours.
  • Use matte finish laminates for the base cabinets & gloss finish laminates for the overhead cabinets

Accent the Kitchen Island

  • Use a neutral colour for all the kitchen cabinets and a contrasting colour for the kitchen island

Colour Block the Cabinets

  • Colour blocking can be used to introduce an element of fun and drama

Create a Retro Look

  • Use candy hues or pastel shades
  • Go for a coloured backsplash, bold patterned flooring, retro coloured accessories and cutlery, retro light fixtures and hardware to reinforce the vintage vibe.

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