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5 expert tips on showcasing art in your home

Sharing the Art has to be something that conveys your own budget, your own style and your own journey. Here are some of the best tips on how to display art at home!

  1. Lighting:-This is the key to hanging art. Good lighting is not necessarily expensive. Good wall washers or focus lighting where the light falls on the artwork makes all the difference.
  1. Size and scale :-Use a large piece of work in space with large furniture pieces; it helps the scale of the house making space look larger.
  1. Framing and mounts:-Framing plays a large role in how in sync the art in your house is. You can also bring in an element of color in your home with blue, green, or red frames. You can get neutral colored frames if you have a more classical home. So that depends on your style and personality or the story you want to convey.
  1. Hanging the art:-Use channels to hang the art. These are invisible nylon cords that can take up to 50 kgs of weight. This is done so you can move it around and you don’t have to nail your walls.
  1. Art and your home décor products:-Most people would first choose their sofas, cushions, curtains, bedspreads, etc and then decide what kind of art they want or some would first, put up all the art and then buy the furniture and furnishings and everything else.

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