INIFD Academy of Interiors Mentor Class gives the cutting edge knowledge to the students from industry experts to train them for their foray in the interior design industry.


Interior design Programs offers complete knowledge of the art and science of designing spaces to create a environment which is fashionable, pleasant and functional . At INIFD Academy of Interiors our programs designed to suit the educational needs that this profession requires and provide the students a stable environment of technical and practical learning complemented with hands on experience.

Student Life

As a student of INIFD Academy of Interiors, you are privileged to enjoy an outstanding academic curriculum, classroom and practical learning with an addition of experience outside of classroom making it even better. You will study, play, learn and take part in a huge variety of activities. Our team ensures that your time here is a rich, healthy, safe and memorable one and you pass out a complete professional ready to storm the interior design industry.